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Saturday, May 29, 2004
aDvEnTUrE CaMp!!

cum bac fr camp le...didnt wan 2 leave dat place bt duno where 2 hide mah so bo bian..haha..wah..a lot of tings sia..tink we more united le bah..itz reali funi hw our opinion of tings change in 3 daes loe..beginin we were tinkin dat the campsite waz so urban n tot waz goin 2 b sian loe den aft dat we cnnt bear 2 leave the place loe..haha..den sumore c edwin looks like a borin person loe den aft dat noe dat he's real nice sia..haha..dun reali blief he's 40 leh..the camp iz reali comfort camp sia..gt bed 2 slp in 1 den sumore the food nice sia..bt the washin part ar..iz reali wahlao loe..1st dae iz all high elements..oni play the chopsticks 1..scary sia bt i finished it lah..unlike clar lor..step le den sit down n slide over..haha..den the nite activity nd 2 hold his shoulder den my hands all his smell loe..den aft dat item prep duno y edwin iz angry wif us den tok v little loe..den bo bian loe..we 1st nite tok a lil den sian le slp le loe..den 2nd dae all low 1..den edwin still v cold 2 us loe..den everi1 like shock loe..den aft dat we play trekkers' challenge..the electric fence 1 nd hole class cross over..den i tink he c our spirit all dis den bcum happi..haha.heng sia..den the rest waz pretty smooth sailin n reali needed team work..thx josh n yk 4 ur help 2 the team..den aft dat gt campfire den gt lightning all dis so we go canteen loe..den we all screamin here n there..so shuang..like v high lidat..den clar kp singin ai ni loe..haha..den aft dat go out again lo..den we all screamin loe.haha..til siao bnt oni we few screamin sia.so sad loe..haha..den aft dat bath le go down den gt ppl play cards so we go canteen n c a few our class 1 den sit down den edwin tokin..den we all listen loe..den noe dis n dat n clar kept wantin 2 noe where he live loe..haha..he waz like 5 min ask 1 time "which estate u live in ar"..haha..sure gt motive 1..den he kp askin his so called "IQ" questions loe..den he sae a ghost story halfway den clar scare him away wif his sa jiao loe..haha..den 3rd dae waz ok..bt most of us bu she de den we giv him 1 bandana wif our signatures all dis..den he take till so precious sia..haha.muz treasure loe..its reali precious though it waz a last min ting..haha..den go bac gt sum ppl cry leh..so sad loe..bu she de sia..bt tian xiao wu bu shan zhi yan xi so bo bian loe..nxt time juz go orchard walk walk den mayb wil c him leh..den muz ask him continue story le..haha..i lurve the camp


12:03 PM

Wednesday, May 26, 2004
sian 1/2

so sian nwadaes loe..cum here post coz gt 2 cuties kp buggin mi mah...haha...nwadaes go sch den go out den go hm loe..so sian rite..gt back my results le..failed my a maths overall..so suay sia..bt at least my eng pass quite ok lah..mani ppl c loe..bless dem sia..my last update sae til 14may rite..den nw i update loe...
mon--gt ccaden reach hm 6 loe..sian sia bt at least v slack n shuang..we always end up taokin oni mah..i hate wits loe..its SO SO troublesum..thx guys 4 da help wif my survey..hehe

--it waz a lot betar loe..more fun..had net ball comp vs 3e6...haha..we won loe..we all so nt confident coz the e6 guys tall tall 1 den c our class 1..haha..bt we stil won lah..den aft dat vs 5n1 lot...wah..theirs iza even worse..gt a 2 v scary guy loe..den we lost 2 dem loe..haizZz..bt at least gt a little bit ppl cheer 4 us lah n most other class 1 were booin us..4 duno wat reason loe..mayb dae jealous our class always win tings bah..haha...den aft dat gt eng debate(burgess vs bradbury)..n we lost..bt nvm ..i tink mayb coz our teacher nt there 2 support mah..haha..bt ur did a great job

wed n thur--mi n jb go amk lib 2 enjoy aircon n read loe..haha..our 2 ppl world oni..so shuang sia bt met clar,jinhong n gekting there..haha..den went hm ard 6plus

--go clar hse..mi n shioks found our own way there..(we so smart rite??)den aft dat at there we watched perfect storm...ok lah..bt most of the excitin part we watch b4 le..i waz more in2 his fishes n hamster loe..clar hse quite ok loe..livin rm shuang sia bt the bed room..waz...erm..nvm..haha...den his dad came hm so we went off le loe..haha

--gt da dumb WITS sharin ting lah..so sian..sit in the auditorium 4 2 hours loe.bt luckily gt aircon loe..den aft dat mi canthini n yueying go amk lib 2 do WITS coz we hav hardly touched it mah..den we anihw do den went hm at ard 3 loe..ppl sae sch iz our 2nd hm rite bt i tink amk lib iz my 2nd hm loe..its so so shuang loe.haha n i even go there study exam n stuff loe..

dis mon--cca again den go hm 6lidat again loe

tue--gt debate 1..forster vs burgess..we wanted 2 sneak away bt den ms ow face us so we sneak away dat time v jin zhang sia..haha..hj walk out 1st den i walk out..den aft dat sherz crawl out..haha..den when she cum out her face so red sia..haha..den we take bag n run den at staircase c the WA..haha..hj v v slow 1 loe..her reaction time is ard 2 or 3 sec bah..den we meet sharon go heeren coz wana go c the toni n guy tingy..den aft dat take neoprint..quite ok loe..den aft dat go buy badge n my badge iz 'I LOVE MY ATTITUDE problem'haha..den aft dat rush 2 the movie n sherz went hm..we watched shrek 2..ok lah..middle part quite sian bt behind part reali funi sia..haha..esp puss in boots..esp the part whereby shrek has to go to the ball there n puss said he wan 2 clear his debts..haha..when we all tot he goin 2 fight he gave the soldiers dat cute look..haha..funi sia..den aft dat go hm liao loe..

--wanted 2 go hm straight away 2 pack mah..bt ended up in the lib 4 the camp tingy til 4 plus den suay suay rainin heavily den i bo bian take 105 change 13 loe..haha..den reach hm play comp til nw nth 2 do den blog loe..haha..tml gt camp le..haven pack yet..so jin zhang sia..sure v fun bt muz brin tings v ma fan loe..

7:02 PM

Friday, May 14, 2004

exams finally over liao..bt oso nt sae v fun lah..mon straight aft a maths go watch vanhelsing(wif hj sher shioks jb jenny zl sharon sasha wc mervyn yx dustin n joshua) ..quite nice loe n the sound effect all v loud sia..den aft dat go walk here n there..tue go east coast park suntan leh..den 2dae i peelin liao..suay sia..dne wed sherz jb shioks cum my hse watch vcd den mi n shioks ended up slpin lor.haha..den thur n fri go lib leh..so guai..we go there play scrabble coz the aircon xtremeli shuang lo..haha..so far quite sian loe..den stil nd slack 4 2 wks ..sumore cnnnt play..gt lessons..sian lah

9:28 PM

Tuesday, May 11, 2004
eAsT cOaSt pArk

went 2 east coast park 2dae..it waz so so hot..the sun waz scorchin loe..make mi so so red n hot nw..die le lah..sure peel 1..feel so hot though in aircon rm nw loe..love the sun sia so nvm..haha..quite fun lah..when in the water n juz nw lie down on the sand hor can feel the peace fr the sea..so nice n relaxin den can 4get the heat all dis loe..so shuang sia..den aft dat go mac eat le den v bo liAo le.den sit down wif zl n tok tok tok loe..den aft dat juz da bpth of us go amk lib 2 enjoy the aircon n read bks sia..haha..den reach hm 7plus..quite earli le lah..haha

8:15 PM

Saturday, May 08, 2004

had lotsa exams dis wk./
mon:eng n phy--gona fail both..
tue:hist n maths--wat kind of lan combination iz dat loe..wan mi use all my brain juice izit..
thur:chem--fairly ok..dunwan disappoint lim(dun dare)
fri:hcl--quite hard loe bt hope jb can pass quite well

all da paper so hard loe..wan stress us all out izit..die le lah..mon last paper le..haha..shuang sia...gona watch van helsing dat dae..went walk walk on fri..eat da far east chicken rice..so shuang loe..nice sia..den shioks cum myh hse watch vcd..hehe..juz da 2 of us..cant wait 4 da dae i m gonab free loe..haha..2daes left le..yeahhh

8:43 PM

Sunday, May 02, 2004

haizz..so sian loe..nd 2 study so much.on fri gt ss paper..quite okAy bah bt no tym 2 realie finish leh..bo bian lah..my geog oni 14 loe..so damn lan..reali hate it..my humanes duno y so lan le..den tml onwards gt loadsof exams loe..die le lah..all haven study yet..fri go amk lib..almost died laffing bt i studied a lil bit of hist lah so nvm..den sat go jb hse the study corner study..oso almost die of laughter bt quite relaxed..studied sumtins le lah..den nw 2dae so jinzhang le..coz i try tys all wrong loe..haizZz..i juz hate physics..or izit juz dat teacher..he so damn lan loe..wahlao..hai mi..i wan elim leh..haha..btw..at least gt 1 piece of gd news ..my eng gt 34..nt beri high bt at least b3 loe..mani ppl gt c or fail mah..dis test pull ppl down bt pull mi up..haha.so happie..bt dis mon paper like v hard leh..mani ppl sae 1..hope nt lah..dunwna fail eng..so paiseh

2:03 PM

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