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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
1st dae of sch!!..

so long no blog le..gt lots 2 sae bt dun feel like saein..lol..let mi c..ytd waz DA 1st dae of sch..its the 1st dae i hav 2 wake up 6 hours earlier den durin the hols...N do hmk again..hate it so much..nd 2 go there n sit 4 hour juz 2 listen...so sian sia...sian1/2 lah..den dis 2 daes i go sch oso sian sian 1 ..den juz sit there fa dai bt nt listenin..we had a change of time table n i had eng double period..OMG..as if 1 period of eng waznt sian enuff loe..den i sit so front den cnnt slp sia(though i gt slp lah)..haha..bt feel v wei sian sia coz laet kana caught den noel koh will use his impeccable eng 2 scold mi loe..den i anihw anihw the 1st dae lessons fin le...BT ddat waz nt all..we had a chemistry test..elim so 'nice' rite..most teachers try nt 2 gib us hmk on the 1st dae bt she actualli gives us a test loe..dats so 'gd' man..haha..den i anihow anihow oso fin the test le..coz all duno so can do quite fast..its so so so difficult..nvm..den i go lib loe den go hm..on the way hm saw tings dat shud nt b seen..hHAhA..

drag myself 2 sch again..den sit there tok slp tok slp
den iz chi..cud stay a wake coz dun dare slp
another ting..phy iz so so sian..wif a old act shuai lao shi..i wonder hw i can pass my phy loe
den there waz PE..another gay as my teacher..he's so so lan.miss eswaran sia..he waz much stricter..keong so lan sia..even we do warm up oso slack loe..den oni can play bball 4 15min nia loe..den grpin n stuff take up >5 min loe..so so so long sia..hate hime..i wana get bac mr eswaran
den geo waz kinda ok..den waz eng...
we were late..accordin 2 noel koh..we were nt allowed 2 go in..SO no 1 reali asked if we cud go in..we juz sat outside 3e1 4 the hole lesson..so so so shuang sia..tok wif hj bt v xin ku.cnnt laff out loud..if everi eng lidat so song
den waz maths..sian sian sian sian sian 1/2 sia..i hate maths more n more nw..coz v sian..
den gt penny n jiang mei qi cum..so so so special...nv hab dis kinda talent cum mui sch b4..everitime ask those bo name 1 cum..so borin..dis iz much betar man..denjiang mei qi so cute n penny so chio..dae all sing so nice sia..lurve it man..den gt debate..lewis won..congrats sia..hehe..durin the debate mi n hj kp laffin laffin nia den oso cnnt laff out loud coz maureen wong waz there..den we all kp an chio nia..esp bout her(** *****)..i m sure hj noe hu i tokin bout..haha..dis 2 daes iz quite tired bt i go sch oso like nt learnin nwadaes..dun c the use liao..den juz go sch laff dis laff dat..den play den go hm..slack slack slack slack slack

7:23 PM

Wednesday, June 23, 2004
juz a quiz

How to make a huimei

1 part mercy

3 parts arrogance

3 parts leadership
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Add a little sadness if desired!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

dis iz a quiz i took..kinda bo liao bt nvm lah..

4:23 PM

Thursday, June 17, 2004
dao dai..super touchin n NICE..

曲:周杰伦 | 词:方文山 | 编:钟佐泓
我受够了等待你所谓的安排 说的未来到底多久才来
总是要来不及才知道我可爱 我想依赖而你却都不在
应该开心的地带 你给的全是空白 一个人假日发呆

我在幸福的门外 却一直都进不来
你累积给的伤害 我是真的很难释怀
终于看开爱回不来 而你总是太晚明白 最后才把话说开
哭着求我留下来 终于看开爱回不来 我们面前太多阻碍
你的手却放不开 宁愿没出息求我别离开

你总是要我乖慢慢计划将来 我的眼泪却一直掉下来
过去怎么交代你该给的信赖 被你亲手缓缓推入悬崖
从我脸上的苍白 看到记忆慢下来
过去甜蜜在倒带 只是感觉已经不在

而我对你的期待 被你一次次摔坏 已经碎成太多块

终于看开爱回不来 而你总是太晚明白 最后才把话说开
哭着求我留下来 终于看开爱回不来 我们面前太多阻碍
你的手却放不开 宁愿没出息求我别离开

终于看开爱回不来 而你总是太晚明白 最后才把话说开
哭着求我留下来 终于看开爱回不来 我们面前太多阻碍
你的手却放不开 宁愿没出息求我别离开

if u c all the farnie shapes juz clik VIEW,den ENCODING den UNICODE..
juz lurve dis song wor..written by jay 1..the words r super touchin..juz lurve it so mucCchhhHH...

12:26 PM

Wednesday, June 16, 2004
mAriNa sOuTh

went 2 marina south 2 eat buffet..gt 12 ppl go--mi,shioks,jb,jenz,xinyi,yk,dus,bryan,yc,des,yx n clar clar..yk super generous loe..treat all of us food n drink..bt gona return the $ 2 him sum hw..always let him treat 1 lo..so exp..ard 12 each loe..eat until super full..haha.lidat den hua mah..den b4 dat go j8 wif shioks jenz n jb..on the mrt i laff til like siao lidat..4 no reason..hhaha..den jb oso kp laffin..den aft dat we wait 4 the rest of the ppl..den go there loe..den din do much lah..except eat loe..haha..though waz nt beri fun bt at least beri full lah..

10:10 PM

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

nwadeas bcum so lazi loe..slp til 11plus den so sian 2 even lift a finger on my bks loe.so sian..so much hmk..so little time..dae shud giv 2mths loe..den can play 1 n a half mthhs den do hmk 2 wks loe.. hate it loe..sian sia...shioks finally cum bac le...haha..den finaly watch harry potter..haha..had 3 bbqs dis hols..OMG..haiz..nvm

11:05 PM

Thursday, June 10, 2004

kinda lazy 2 blog nwadeas..juz gona post sum touchin quotes..

I smile as you tell me that I'm not the one. I pretend it doesnt matter and we start to laugh, but you dont know that my heart is slowly breaking as I hold back the tears of pain and sorrow.

If i had a star for every time u broke my heart,i'd have a galaxy

If tears were words,i'd have alot to say

Yah,i fell for u and u tripped me,but guess wat?I got back up

Someday you'll cry like I cried for you, someday you'll miss me, like I missed you, someday you need me like I needed you, someday you love me, but I won't love you

O_- TaKe a BoW. .. .U hEaR tHe aPpLaUsE?
My HeArT iS bRoKeN N uR tHa CaUse. .. .
I pLayeD uR gAmE and U WoN. .. .
CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS. .. .I HoPe U HaD FuN -_o

I want to be remembered as the girl that always smiled, and the one who could always brighten your day; even when she couldn't brighten her own

guess there's enuff crap le..haha..dats all folks...

7:56 PM

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

ytd so free loe..decided 2 rite a quite detailed post bout the camp loe...on thur went 2 sch wif huge bags n saw dat almost everi1 oso carried lotsa of tings..den gather den go the site liao..reali fast reach loe..so near sia den it waz so so urbanised loe..look in front den can c blocks liao..den we go our bunks le..we hav beds loe..so unbelievable n the guys slp on the floor lor..we gather n play the unknown game..den eat lunch le..the food super sia..nv c b4 camp lidat 1 loe..bt the washin part iz so horrible..the few hundreds of us all wash our plates in 2 basin loe..it iz as disgustin as it sounds loe..still can c grains in the basins 1 loe..den banderlog had all the high elements on dat dae loe..den edwin waz a superb belayer loe n he waz so respinsible 2wards clar..haha..den aft dat had dinner den gt nite activity..i waz bhind clar n blondfolded loe..hw unlucky rite..haha..den juz kp walkin in the dark n uneven route lo..den aft dat iz item prep den duno y edwin bcum beri angry den i tink iz coz we r nt united den he waz quiet the hole dae n even the nxt morn he oso v quiet loe
bt when we did the electric fence ting he bcum much betar coz dat 1 required team work mah..den we did lotsa games den gt mad max loe..had 2 carry sherz..nt beri heavy lah bt neck beri suan loe..like gt sum1 pushin ur neck n u cannt look up loe..den aft dat eat le den gt campfire..we all sat down 1 and when the fire started burnin the thunder lightnin al started cumin le loe...dumb sia..hai us hav 2 go canteen n wait loe..den we wait 4 a while nia n in the meantime we were oso playin loe n screamin here n there..den aft dat go bac le bt the other classes v cold leh..v few ppl shout den our class gt the 1st row shoutin lah..den edwin sae the fire actualli will burn til v high 1 bt coz of the drizzle all dis loe..we had a small fire lo..den aft dat we bath le cum down 2 canteen n saw edwin n our class ppl so we sat down loe..he sae he 40 yrs old wif 2 kids loe..unbelivable..so gd a bao yang sia..haha..den he ask sum iq qns n a halfway told story..haha..den clar kept flirtin n sa jiao in n scare him away loe..den aft dat we slept near 2 lo.den nxt dae wake up all so sian le coz hav 2 go hm loe..den we all eat breakfast dne area cleanin..we had 2 do the 3rd floor dorm..we did it quite fast den aft dat sit down n listen 2 edwin tok loe...he sae dat if u do nt contact ur old frds..u wun dare 2 do so aft 5 yrs..so i muz contact my pri sch frds nw le..haha..den he asked if aniof ur frds iz willin 2 cum out or listen 2 u at 4am in the mornin den u hav found a true frd..so i tink we dun reali hav mani true frds nw bah coz our parents dun allow us go out at 4am mah..haizZz..so sad loe..muz leave the camp den aft dat we gave edwin a bandana dat we made at the last min n he waz so touched n he reali felt like cryin loe..on the bus dat time he look even more gan dong lo..n ndless 2 sae sum ppl cried bout leavin the camp loe..even guys lo..bt iz nt our class 1 lah..sad rite..felt like cryin 2 bt din cry lah..when we reached sch den i take cab hm wif canthini loe..banderlog rawks loe!!! i reali lurve dis camp n i wil take it 2 my grave if i can..haha..

early mornin late at nite
bander warriors out 2 fight
we wil stand unite as 1
we will beat the rest dis time

loggers will win the cheer (x3)

wc:all the ppl on the floor let mi hear u shout
all:we wil we wil rock u , rock u

clar:ai ni

wc:1 2 3
all:we r the best yeah

7:39 AM

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