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Saturday, August 28, 2004

hehe..2dae us shioks bdae..we went 2 her hse 2 surprise her..haha..actuali we lie 2 her dat we goin watch movie den we sae mit at 6 den we ask her go hm change 1st..den she 4plus stil in sch den we start jing zhang scared she wun go hm 1st..den aft a while..she call mi den sae she wil b late coz she goin hm change...den we v happie..den the few of us---jb yk sher hj wc n mi went 2 her hse..bt cos nd security tingy mah so we wait 4 ppl open door den we smuggle ourselves in..den we at swimminpool there bt no 1 cum down..den heng saw fang yong..he open gate den we go take lift den we go her hse..den her auntie let us in..den we go in sit down n we drink ribena n wait 4 her..n oso eat grapes..her auntie v re qing sia..we drink fin1 pitcher of ribena den she go make suumore..haha..den we sit n wait 4 her 2 cum den go hide mah..den we estimate time le den go her auntie the rm there stand jus in case..den we dumb loe..go stand at the window there den suddenly shioks cum hm loe..den we din hide..bt she stil surpirsed dat we at her hse lah...haha..den she go bathe den we tink mus surprise her loe..so we ask sher hide at the side of the sofa dne later pull her hand n scare her..den we all sit sofa there wait den she cum out le dne ask her sit at the side..den we kp laffin at her flat hair..den she wana take the cushion which iz coverin sher..dne when she take up..sher 'baa' her..haha...she oso kinda surprised..haha..dne aft daT we go ps eat den wc go hm...we walk a lil den go eat pasta mania..eat till v 'ni' sia..eat fr ard 7 to 9.15 lidat...haha...den we cut cake..den we take foto..den we decided 2 go take neoprint..dne v late le den yk sned jb hm..dne we five left..we go take neoprint..den kp takin foto usin jen's camera..den 9.45 lidat le den we head hm..haha...quite fun lah..i hope its real un4gettable 4 shioks..haha...coz its the 1st time i plan 2 surprise ppl on their bdae..bt i'll try 2 make more surprises/pranks in future..hehe...

10:16 PM

its been a week since i have blogged..time flies loe...haizz...nvm..ytd waz so so bz 1 loe..1st period waz chi test..den in da morn waz so bz studyin..tryin 2 get the words in2 my brain...BT it was useless lah..out of 10 qn i oni noe 3 qn..den the zao ju gt 10 loe..do til sian..so so lan dis time...betar nt fail man or else sure break 'record' le..den aft dat was doub le eng.den gt 100words the spellin haven study at all..den nop time 2 study so juz go there loe..den noel kohteach oral...v jing zhang cos he anihw call ppl 1...den aft dat iz double ms lam...i m startin 2 hate math man..ms lam teach so fast n she dun reali care if we all understand den we v cham..even professor shioks oso kinda mixed up..den aft the struggle iz cme..muz do wat travel diary den anihw do dne hand in le loe..den gt another period of hcl aft 1 period of rest...then the xpress the ppl go take chem test den we sit n wait 4 chi..den aft 1 period of chi We had 2 go 4 our chem test....it was ok lah..bt the bio lab was so so hot dat i cnnt reali concentrate den i anihw do coz i wana leave the lab..i tink i wun do as well as u peeps dis time loe...den mi n kohting was da 1st 2 leave cos i tink we cudnt stand the stuffiness lah..den we faster go le...den i go bac class pei hj..finally survived 2 tests,borin lessons in 1 dae..haha..2dae li lao shi was kinda upset over tings...den aft dat was wae betar..we had test til 3 den we dilly dally den go orchard..reach at 4plus den we go eat the ji fan den yk n jb cum..den we kp laffin nia...hj n yk v pei loe..haha..bt 2bad yk taken liao...no chance le hj..haha...den we eat we long le den go shop 4 shioks prezzie...den buy 2 tings 4 her...den aft dat we dilly dally den walk slowli 2 cathay..den we reach there iz 5.40 le den we buy tix 4 13 goin 30 4 the 5.30 show..den we buy le rush in den missed a bit..bt nvm...the show quite nice lah...v sweet the gan jue..duno y..haha....den aft dat iz 7plus den we stroll 2 mrt station den we start tokin a lil bout the 7th month n studff lah..hhaa..den i msg hj tel her xiao xing all dis..haha...den hj wan scare mi oso useless coz when i reach bishan mrt take 13 hm mah..den i met my dad on the bus..haha..can 'escort' mi hm..haha...hope 2dae will b a fun dae loe

happie bdae shioks..

10:53 AM

Saturday, August 21, 2004
olympics badminton men's singles rox

yeah..finally wkend le..wait so long le loe..cant wait 4 teachers' day..den can go bac pri sch n c my ex classmates le..so long din c dem le loe..sure change a lot liao..haha..10daes left...so excited..ytd 1st 2 periods watch a china de movie..v china bt quite meaninful..den waz eng..noel koh din reali blow up so it waz ok..den we had a little grp wrk so it wasnt v sian..my grp gt mi canthini ivan n melcher..den v fast recess le den aft dat iz maths den ok loe..juz sit there waste time den aft dat iz cme den we sing our song..which we all din practise hha..den aft dat the chi period fin up the movie loe..den fin le dne i go canthini class mit her den we go hm loe..den we took a cab hm coz we wana watch badminton mah...taufiq hidayat VS BOONSAK PONSANA.....
haha..ur must b wonderin hu boonsak ponsana iz..haha..if u din oso nvm..let mi introduce him 2 u guys..he iz 22 dis yr n he's fr thailand..he's a fianl yr law student in a university in bangkok..n he iz nt sure if he iz goin 2 b a full time badminton player or a lawyer bt i hope he wil b a badminton player den can c him play more le..haha..sumore it's his 1st time in olympics and he iz in the top 4 le loe...he wil b competin against soni fr indonesia 4 bronze loe..all the best 2 him man..N he iz 178cm n 63kg...which iz sumtin like a zhu gan..bt he's gt six pacs or 8 pacs loe..so he dun reali look dat skinny wif his muscles..haha n nt 2 4get he beat susilo..ponsana's world rank iz 21 n susiloe's world rank iz no.9...
he iz a of my new side idol coz my main idol iz JAY ZHOU JIE LUN..haha..jay jay jay jay jay..zhou dong..qi li xinag the album iz v nice loe..haha..oh ya.. i oso gt another side idol..RONALD SUSILO..dun reali noe much bout him..i oni noe he's ard 25 n he waz an indonesian bt he came 2 singapore n iz playin 4 singapore and he has a gf LI JIA WEI..nw in top 4 of table tennis women's singles le n susilo iz supportin her all the way man..n he iz 178 67kg..slightly heavier den ponsana bt stil skinny bt he oso gt muscles..haha..though he lost 2 BOONSAK PONSANA..at least he beat Lin Dan..world no.1 loe..gd huh..bt dis oso shows no matter hw gd u r u wil stil b defeated at 1 point in time..
eg susilo beat lin daN(world no. 9 beat world no.1)
ponsana beat susilo (world no. 21 beat world no.9)
taufiq beat ponsana (world no.12 beat world no.21)
dis shows dat no mattter hw gd u r u wil still b defeated at a point in time bt wat iz imporatnt dat u do nt feel discouraged aft losin coz susilo has been beaten by lin dan mani times in different matches n ponsana has oso been beaten by susilo mani times b4

haha..nxt match iz taufiq vs the korean guy 4 gold n PONSANA vs SONI 4 bronze..haha...excitin rite..bt i duno if it wil b shown on tv..OMG..olympics badminton men's single iz drivin mi crazi..haha..susilo..ponsana..susilo..ponsana...JAY...ponsana..susilo..blah blah blah

haha..olympics badminton men's singles...haha..lurve it men..hj oso gt 'new idol'..susilo..haha..bt i m sure the admiration wil wear off..den canthini's new idol iz boonsak ponsana..haha

so excitin.. i hope taufiq will win low..bt i feel the korean guy will win coz he's v strong bt he's partially sighted nia coz his eye kana struck by shuttlecock when he waz young..i tink the person hu struck his eye waz v strong man coz can make him partially sighted nia mah..hahaha......

v v v v v v long entry hor..

susilo ponsana jay susilo ponsanA jay susilo ponsana jay.................................

3:44 PM

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

2dae waz ok..the dae went by quite fast..2dae noel din cum 4 lesson bt he came 4 timed practice..so xtra loe..other class dunhab loe..den he haven mark fin paper..so jing zhang..den 2dae gt double cwb..EeEeeeeee...disgustin..haiz..gt practical sumore..oOh.. saW tings i shud nt hab seen..haha..nvm..tml sure v sian 1 loe...oh ya and maths test waz die die loe..coz the i din practise mah..oni read..haiz..sure wun do well 1 loe..thur stil gt a maths..FUNCTIONS..EekkS..i hate it..gt lotsa tings duno..all my functions the hmk iz copy lai de..juz hope i can enlighten myself when i studyin loe..haha...

5:30 PM

Friday, August 13, 2004

2dae iz the oni dae dat iz nt as sian s the other 2..haha..lessons was ok..noel koh waz sick n when 2 da doc..we asked him nt 2 gib u spellin bt he said..in the pursue of continued excellence..pls take out ur pen n paper..haha..dis r nt his exact words bt itz sumtin lidat lah..haha..den we go lib loe..wanted 2 do cip bt cudnt..on the waqe 2 lib we take 135/133..den when we were reachin the interchange..i sounded urgent n said..'hj, press the bell'..den she kinda panicked n looked 4 the bell den she pressed it..when the 'ding dong' came..we all started laffin..haha..i din noe she wud b tricked loe..hahahahahhahaha..den when i wenta eat wif sher den we kp tokin bout hj n laff..n we rmbed hw we were at swensens'..so funi loe..hahaha..den we go bac n read bk..den go bac le..haha..den juz nw tok on the fone den kp laffin..haha...v v v v funi sia..hahah

10:15 PM

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

it aint a gd dae 2dae

the dae started out v wrong..i 4got 2 brin chi wkst..den muz faster do the comprehension..den aft chi iz chem ..more bzness...den kana punishment loe.most of the ppl caught kana punishment..100x reactivity series wif reaction of c/co..do til siao..aft recess start chiongin...phy..try do as much as possible..eng..sat in da 3rd row bt stil took the risk..wah..aft dat gt big big headache loe..den v tired..den geog cnnt do den amaths chiong sumore den chiong chion g n chiong den i goin hm le stil gt 15times left..den i v sian liao..itz v v borin 2 kp ritin da smae tings loe...den i kp lyin on the table all dis..2dae iz nt a gd dae..it waz v tirin..wif lotsa hmk 2 do n copy..v tired..i hab a bad feeling bout sumtin..bt i duno wad the sumtin iz..haha..bt its a feelin..itz nt a gd dae..

5:27 PM

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

haiz..2dae iz the last dae of the long wkend le..tml muz wake up earli n bear wif the teachers again..haizZz..life sux..my bdae over le.. im older so i can tink betar nw..lolx..last sat my bag kana stolen at amk lib..my discman,wallet,bus card all gone..POFF!!all gone..bt i dun reali feel the pinch..coz all my frds r there 2 help..though i din get bac my bag...haiz..waste $$ sia
decided 2 dedicate certain tings 2 sum of my frds..
2 shioks--i noe u kinda dislike ya life rite nw bt the method u told mi bout hw u wana go bac hk iz nt gd ok...pls DUN try..we all treasure u loe..
2 jenny--i noe u r kinda upset bout stuff nw..i noe juz by lookin.i can sense it lah..bt pls try 2 cheer up..dun waste ur teen life being so sad..sumore we all there 4 u orh...
2 two ppl madly in lurve rite nw--u all hav changed..i juz wana let u 2 noe dat juz bcoz u r 2gether doesnt mean the world stops movin 4 others ok..if ur wana do anitin(eg sae hi 2 each other) do it urself..dun trouble others..its kinda irritatin when 1 iz bz or iz done excessively ok..
2 all my frds---lurve u all..miss the past so much...

6:37 PM

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