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Sunday, September 26, 2004

wah..v long din update le worx..tml iz da start of end of yr le..so excitin...i dis wk din reali go hm...aft sch den go hm n slp le..den wake up watch tv den studi a lil..haha..jus changed my blog skin..haha...i lurve dat babie.gt tings 2 update t i duno sae wat leh..so dun sae loe..haha..reali hope 2 do well 4 my exams worx..*cross my heart..

7:42 PM

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

woah..a few daes din blog liao worx..i 4gt where i went days ago..i oni rmb fr mon nia
mOn:wenta ms lam concert @ esplanade worx..den mi hj sher reach b4 10 den we wait n wait 4 ppl at mrt station den hor wl clar v slow loe...we wait 4 him 4 v longden we walk off le..haha..den we reach there the pl quite full le loe den we sit v side..den he came late(expected)..den the concert okay loe...all ballads nia..n its oni 1 hour..
den aft concert mit shioks n jen at esplanade..den we wenta kovan 2gether..actualli wana go sakae bt sher n hj nt interested..den we go kovan eat mac 1st den go superbowl loe..beginnin we go play fotohunt den mani ppl plae 2gether v song..den play till top loe...den gt 1 more machine we gt 2nd den v bu fui qi bt we nvm..go play Lan 1st...den we 5 gers sit 2gether..den the guys sit separately..wl..its damn cold loe..2dae v lan sia..kp dyin(though normali oso kp dyin)...haha..bt at least iz i gt kill ppl lah...haha..den play till v cold n a lil dizzy..cos the person nxt 2 mi kp plaein a particular techno song den ting le tao tia loe..aft 2 hours we stop n go get bac our bus pass fr counter loe..
den its an old man at the counter..the man iz bespectacled..nt v tall..nt v fat..white hair 1..I WILL RMB HIM....he v v gd loe..he can find everibodi's bus pass n ic EXCEPT mine loe...GREAT rite...den he was like 'dunhab leh dunhab leh'..den he check mah..check their counter loe..den i saw MY ezlink..N the ting iz he pull out le den put bac..den i recognise my special ez link mah..den i sae 'STOP'..den i tel him its mine loe..den he was like' huh..dat 1 iz u ar'..den i exclaimed 'YA'..den he waz like hesitating loe...4 DUNO WAD LOE....n aft dat he sae wah..tao tia ar..WL..wait till he experience hw it feels when ppl sae cnnt find ur ezlink when u jus spent 20plus bucks makin a new ez link...20plus bucks might b lil 2 him bt it's alot 2 mi loe...den he sae he tao tia sumore..'I M NT TRYIN 2 B RUDE'...bt if he reali headache den GO HM SLP LAH.. 2 BAD..sumore so old le loe..its ABOUT TIME...den aft i finally got bac my ezlink we went out 2 defreeze...den we go in play the fotohunt again....n we got 1st..YEAH!!!!!.....
den jen went 2 mit her sis den shioks went hm when we go the hawker centre eat...den we tok tok n eat loe..den hj wanted 2 pay bac clar mah...den she sae 'oh' den we noe she sure nth 1 loe..den she sae she cnnt find her wallet..den we tot sure iz she careless 1 mah..duno in bag or where mah..den i searched thoroughly den cnnt find..den mi n hj go superbowl find..den check toilet,under machines oso duno hab..den noe iz jialet liao loe..bt she ok lah..inside gt ezlink ic atm card keys popular card nia....its v lil compared 2 my loss..haha...bt ic nd 100 buck loe..siao sia...den we find n find den dunhab den 6plus lidat go make police report den sher wc dus went hm....den mi clar hj walk 2 police station N it's far loe..den we walk walk n walk den finally reach le loe..den we go in den the police sae dae v bz den we go out the void deck sit loe..den we were discussin dis n dat..tokinsenseless tings (as usual) n stuff loe..den i kept singin my world famous songs...den we wait til 8plus den make police report loe..hj iz great man..she doesnt rmb wad is in her wallet den she kp saein dunhab le den i ask her den she sae oh ya..gt..pro sia ..den we 8.45 den fin sia..den we walk..den i saw 53 den i tel dem faster run..den we kp runnin loe..run fr opp bus stop den dash across the road den run up the bus..haha...v short dist nia bt we tired le..haha..den we tok tok den go hm loe...den i go hm online help hj find all the necessary info loe...

TuE:::haiz..mit wif canthini 2 go sch..cos gt CWB remedial...sian loe...normali 45min is like hell liao ndless 2 sae 2hours..den sumore cnnt tok..den mus do wkbk..lucki gt canthini de wkbk 2 copi man..sian loe..den we slackin all da wae...he damn er loe..wl...shan elaborate..it's the 7th month..nt a gd month 4 describin hideous stuff...den fin le den i go lib find canthini loe..den we sit there slack all dis loe..den i play online games...the comp iz L-A-G loe...is v v v vv v vv lag loe...den aft dat 3lidat we go off den left alan nia..den we go j8 walk walk...den i eat taco pachi..den drink loe...den share ice kachang..full sia...den walk ard den mit a few ppl..den go hm loe..den online till nw...haizz..rottin online betar den rottin offline i guess.....haha....

i tink nxt term shud b v jialet 4 us..accordin 2 teachers lah..dae kpp saein we nxt term v bz so i guess its true bah...wl..1month left 2 end of yr n i haf nth in my brain at all...mon gt prelim, n ss test..thur gt e n a maths test, fri gt prelim ..siao loe..den aft dat i tink stil gt a couple of tests in da 2nd wk..den ard 4th or 5th wk gt advanced paper...if im nt wrong iz noel koh set 1 loe..he always set killer paper..psycho man..he seems 2 b proud of his achievemenT (in makin students fail)
bian tai..wl...my mid yr was like shit man..n i guess im goin 2 produce sumore shit dis time...die le lah...sher v hardworkin loe..ppl seems 2 b kinda hardworkin nw bah...muz buck up man..my phy iz like F9 loe..shit lah....die le lah....god bless..........i mus do okay in end of yr loe...mus buck up liao man..been slackin 4 the 1st 9months dis yr..its time 2 reali pull up my socks....BT lemme enjoy the hols 1st bah..haha

10:23 PM

Thursday, September 02, 2004

bac 2 blog le..2dae cum hm earli so cum blog loe...lemme begin wif tue..tue waz the eve of teachers' dae so we had celebration till 11.30 lidat.the celebration nt bad lah..lotsa dances..den aft dat go bac GY..so excited..so long nv c my ex classmates le....haha..reach gy at 1 den b4 dat mi n canthini go buy daisy 4 mdm lim..super chio loe..1 pink 1 yellow..v nice leh..den we go there den charles n luthfi there le...den we tok tok a lil den the anderson ppl cum le..gt chinping eunice jia ying chongshun den saw liyana dawn jena melissa rusyda...haha..quite a no. of ppl worx..hehe..den we stay til 2.30 lidat loe..kindfa long..haha..mani students go c mdm lim sia..den the VP sae she gt the most no. of visitors liao..haha..of cos mah she's sucha gd teacher...den aft dat mi chinping eunice jiayong go j8 there den jy went 4 tuition den mi eunice n chinping walk ard j8 den go take neoprints..the machines a lil lan den v zhai bt the pix quite memorable..haha..den we walk enuff le den mit theresa n her 3 frds..den dae 4 ppl 2gether den we tired le mah so we(mi eunice chinping) went 2 mos burger drink 1st..den un til 4plus den eunice go hm den we go mit theresa cos we goin 2 watch FACE mah...den dae 4 v 2gether dne mi n cp xiang yi wei ming..den the movie v long dne start sia..den we watch til 6 lidat..
my comments:the show was ok..the in front quite sian bt the bhind quite nice worx...u wun fall aslp bt u will feel like slpin..den when u reali goin 2 slp dat time the movie suddenly bcum more interestin worx
den aft da movie den i went 2 orchard 2 mit shioks n jenny,,dne i walk v fast cos quite late le...den i mit dem dne we walk about loe..nt sian loe...haha den walk walk at heeren den we went hm..reach hm 8plus lidat...
the dae started fine worx..din reach there late..heng sia..haha..or else wc will nag liao..i reach the bus stop 20min earlier..so sunny den i tot i wil get my tan le...den aft 10min shioks came..v nan de..2 gers earliest..den aft 1min lidat bryan came..den the ppl started cumin..den wc came at 10.31 loe..1min late..den bryan was like..wahlao..u late le..u will nt b entertained..haha..quite funi lah..den mi shioks sumahdi bryan dustin wc wait 4 hj sher den jb n yk at the nxt stop..den aft v v long den dae all ready..den we take 135 go east coast..den we all anihw sit loe...den on the bus v quiet cos we sit v separated..den aft a tedious ride..finali reach le dne we walk there..v hot worx..den we put sun block all dis den go down 2 the water there le..den WL the sun nt sunny liao..bcum so liang..suay rite..den wc kp cumin disturb us in the water..den we play water 4 a while den aft dat we bury jb..haha..den we dig dig dig den she lie down den we cover her up den we gib her a mermaid shape..den gt figure 1 worx..haha...quite fun..den bcum v sandy le den we go bath le..den aft bathin go mac eat..haiz..no tan worx..den aft we fin it STARTED 2 rain..suay rite..cos we wana ride bicycle 1 loe..den we walk 2 arcade there den we go play LAN..haha....1st time worx..i v suay loe..change 3 comps den can loe...den i duno hw 2 play den sumahdi n yk teach mi loe...yk ren zhen hao..help mi ask the person den help mi make the comp all dis...thanx..den we play 4 2 hours..the bhind part quite sian cos play long le...den aft dat we go play the arcade tings....WL..the arcade iz nt oni lan loe..its v v lan..the daytona gt 4 machines oni gt 1 can play..den the bishibashi eeat token..haha..v lan loe..den v small oso..den aft plain den quite late le..den jb has 2 go so we go le loe..den yk n jb take the infront the 13 den mi n shioks tale the bhid the 13..den i on the bus v tired..den kp fallin aslp den din reali tok..den qaft quite long den we saw a stop wif 857 den shioks alight 2 take the bus..den i continue my ride hm..den when at jb hse there the bus stop i saw yk at the bus stop..funi sia..den i reach hm le v tired den watch lotsa tv den i go slp le...overall was kinda ok bah...

4:19 PM

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