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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

7:03 PM

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

2dae kinda sian bout goin 2 sch
cos rested 4 3 daes loe
den mus wake up so earli again
den 1st period chem loe
den v sian
im startin 2 nt understand chem le
sure die 1
electrolysis refinin electroplating
die le
den 2period hist
den 3rd period eng
mr koh din cum 4 lessons
4th period
elim oso din cum in
aft dat iz phy
cwb had 2 go c the o levels
den aft dat iz the tok on STD
den iz the work exp tingy
den iz latin music ting
den sch iz over
kinda slack loe
so shuang

den aft sch almost everi1 was bz loe
den mi yk jb go toa payoh
1st 2 get bac my $$
n 2nd 2 eat kfc
we wenta kfc n it was yk's treat
he use all $1 notes loe

den we kinda dumb lah
3ppl sit on table for 6
den all of us sit 1 side
den can c ppl walk past

den we eat le
den jb eat v v v v slow
den we invented a new game
the ice game
quite fun lah
bt ppl kp lookin at us
den we walk walk
den kp laffin laffin
quite happie 2 dae sia

6:51 PM

Friday, October 22, 2004

2dae gt dismissed super earli
hang ard in class 4 a while
den left sch wif hj n sharon
den we were lookin at the streamin dat board
den suddenly rmb hw time reali reali reali flies loe
i can stil rmb we were standin in front of the same board 1 yr ago
bt dat 1 yr was like oni 1 wk loe

so fast
den lidat sure v fast nxt yr le
o levels
bt i dun tink dats reali important
nt as important as the fact dat we wil b leavin nxt yr loe
den we wil b leavin our frds
shioks jb hj sher jen
i wil miss u guys

tml iz a bz dae 4 mi

shioks:u wan cum my hse nxt mon??????i shud b v free on mon bah

7:40 PM

Thursday, October 21, 2004

gt 'feeling' le
so cum n blog
exams r over
actually oso quite sian
duno go where
wan go play oso no money
so suay

hols cum even worse loe
mani mani free wks loe
den cnnt spend 2 much $$ oso
betar stick 2 my family
my mum sure pay every ting 4 mi 1
i 've oni gt a few plans 4 hols
i m goin 2 malaysia in nov
n thailand in dec
n oso chalet
n bball
n swimming
n of cos hmk lah
bt its the last 2 daes lah

nth much happen nwadaes
jus a lil
sch iz so sian
no mood listen leh

ytd we gt conference call
mi shioks jb yk
at 10 lidat
den we tok tok crap crap
den 10 40 lidat shioks go liao
make mi so lonely
nt really lah
we kp lamin
den jb told mi the movie bi xian the story
v long leh
tok til 11.40 lidat
den i go liao
dunwan disturb them
den i watch tv den slp loe

oh ya
bac 2 results
i din fail my a maths overall leh
bt i failed phy
sucha disappointment
oni 2 As dis time
die le
oni ting i happie bout are my languages
i gt a b4
it aint gd
bt it kinda okay
n i gt a2 4 hcl
it aint bad
n its more den okay

tml is grad ceremony
we r gona b dismissed at 9.20
so damn earli
bt duno do wad tml
mayb go play
mayb go tok
mayb go crazie
mayb shioks cum my hse
duno leh`

[it aint ur fault i was 2 dumb]

8:27 PM

Thursday, October 14, 2004

I had three friends
Eric, Cathlyn, Carol
Eric was chased by all the girls in our high school
Cathlyn was one of those popular girls.
Cheerleader, sexy, and stylish
Carol was just one of those plain and average girls
Cathlyn and Carol were both totally crazy and wacko over Eric
Cathlyn didn't have to do anything to attract Eric
For she was already attractive enough
Carol on the other hand, showered Eric which love and care
Carol wasn't ugly at all
In fact, she looked sweet and pleasant
But she wasn't a cheerleader,
she didn't were spaghetti-straps or tubes
So like everyone expected,
Eric chose Cathlyn
For Carol was just one ordinary and plain girl
While Cathlyn was labele d as the cool and attractive type
Eric always insulted Carol
Telling her what a 'Plain Jane' she was
And how dumb she looked
Which obviously made Carol feel so hurt and useless
That's life
Carol never gave up though
She wanted to prove something to Eric
She wanted to prove that looks aren't everything
She studied hard, really hard
She became the top girl, and all the guys who once ignored her,
chased her
But she never forgot Eric
Everyday, she put a red rose in Eric's locker
Always with the same words
'I care for you, and I always will'
Because she knew that Eric was facing a hard time
Eric began to realise
How dumb he had been
His beloved girlfriend, Cathlyn
Was flirting with other guys
He regretted for choosing the wrong girl
Cathlyn broke up with Eric later
For she had found a wealthier guy
Eric felt so cheated, stupid and dumb
He went to look for Carol
He knelt on his knees, and said
"Carol, please forgive me. Do you want to be my girlfriend?"
Carol rejected him, much to everyone's surprise
She only uttered these words
"You've suffered a great loss, so I don't want you to face another one"
Eric felt disappointed
He didn't understand a word that she said to him
But they became good friends
Did everything together
Eric began to change into someone better
Because Carol showered him with the love he never experienced before
His ex-girlfriends had never treated him that way
They just accepted him for his looks
But Carol accepted him for himself
She changed him
Carol continued putting a red rose into his locker everyday
With the same words
She never forgot
One day, Carol didn't turn up in school
She didn't come for a week
At first, Eric thought that she was on a vacation with her family
Because she told him that she would be going Hawaii with them
But one day
He received a call from the General Hospital
Saying that Carol was about to die
She had been suffering from cancer
But Carol forbade them from telling him
Because she didn't want Eric to worry about her
But now that she was about to die
She wanted to see Eric for the last time
Eric rushed to the hospital
When he saw how weak Carol was
Tears began rushing down his cheeks
He whispered
"Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Why did you hide this from me?"
She looked at him
And smiled weakly at him
"When I said that I didn't want you to suffer from facing another loss,
I meant this.
I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you to worry.

I wanted to spend
my last days with you cheerfully."
Eric looked at her
"You can't leave me!" he said
"What will I be without you?"
"You'll be who you are now
I will always be there by your side.
Never forget that.
Cherish those times.
Live life happily.
And one more thing."
"I love you"
And she died
Eric screamed
He still couldn't accept Carol's death
He had only spent a month with Carol
A month
But Carol changed his life in a way
A way that no one could ever explain
He regretted
But he knew that Carol would always be keeping an eye on him from Heaven

We just don't appreciate those people who really care for us
Until they leave us
Until we lose them
Then we regret
Outer beauty doesn't matter;
it's the inner one that counts
It's better to tell someone how much you love them
Rather than to not tell them and lose them without telling them
You'll regret
Love is.
When we fight till the very last minute
Just to show and tell someone how much we love them

9:00 PM

i am so damn screwed...
gt bac 5 papers 2dae
higher chinese
a maths
e maths
my results was like shit man
i gt 70 4 my hcl
oni 57 4 chem
48 4 phy
43 4 a maths
63 4 e maths
i m in such deep shit man
ppl all ard mi r passin all the subs n mayb failin 1
BT i failed 2 loe
i m in deep shit
i duno wad's wrong wif mi man
hw cum so lan
nxt yr i m goin 2 b a nerd
jus kiddin
die le
den i went hm earli 2 tell my mum my results
she wasnt even satisfied wif my higher chi results
i bet she doesnt noe hw mani ppl gt Bs Cs or Ds loe
i got an A2 kae
it aint a gd 1
bt its gd enuff 4 mi
den my phy
i was disappointed n nt disappointed
cos i DID study
though nt hard lah
bt at least gt study
n i oni failed by 2 marks
a maths
the paper shud b 4 hours mah
den i can slow slow ting
n do
i left ard 30marks blank kae
i wud haf needed a miracle 2 pass

chem was a disappointment 4 mi
expectin 60 loe
e maths was another disappointment

i betar pass my eng man
or else i will be deadmeat

die le
nw my results lidat
nxt yr hw loe
i dun care
i m goin 2 study nw
jus kiddin

i m goin 2 slack more man
esp since i dun haf a re exam loe

5:56 PM

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

its jus 1 dae aft the exams n yet i m stayin at hm rottin loe..
its nt dat i dun wana go out bt i m reali so so so poor loe
i wana get a new hp
new digi cam
new bag
OMG sure die le lah
so mani tings 2 buy
bt 1st i m gona get a new hp
i wana get a sony ericsson z600 SOON
hopefully b4 da hols..
so i so damn broke kae
bt i wan watch movies
plae bball
go out leh
die le loe
no $$$
if oni i was richer

wenta watch new police story ytd
mi hj jb shioks sher ht n jen
it was super funi wif action n a lil love n stuff
charlene was cute
steven n kenny were super funny
nicholas tse was super funny oso
dat show simply rox

ytd started out great
i gt 2 sch earli
n we were jus slackin n jokin round even though we had geog ytd
so fun n relaxed
n we jus kept laffin n laffin n laffin
ytd was great

m goin 2 get a new bag tml
hope i wil find a nice n nt so exp bag

6:09 PM

Monday, October 11, 2004


If you see me walking the road with someone else It's not because I like his company Its because you're not brave enough to walk beside me.

If you hear me talking about him all the time Its not because he pleases me Its because you're too deaf to hear my heartbeat

If you feel me falling with someone new Its not because I love him Because you're not there to catch me fall

If you feel lost, I too am nowhere I too don't know where the road is going Are we gonna cross each other's path Or just completely turn around? Will we just let go of what we had Or go to the place where love is bound
Don't let me walk with him It's you I want to walk with Don't let me talk of him It's you I want to talk with Don't let me fall for him It's you I want to fall in love with.

When you thought I wasn't brave enough to walk beside you I was behind you every step of the way Still filled with awe because of the beauty that stands before me

When you thought I was too deaf to hear your heartbeat I didn't want to assume anything And I was afraid to lose our friendship

When you thought I wasn't there to catch you It was because you never gave me the chance You never reached the bottom, you've already grabbed a branch

If you feel like you are nowhere, I too am lost I too don't know where the road is going Are we just going to turn around, Or are we gonna cross each other's path? Will we just let go of what we had Or go to the place where love is bound?

Don't let me walk alone I want to walk by your side Don't let me talk of something else It's you I want to talk with Don't let me fall for someone else It's you I want to fall in love with.

dis iz sumtin real meaningful worx..

dont walk bhind me i mite nt lead
dun walk in front of mi i mite not follow
walk bside mi n i will b nxt 2 u..

8:32 PM

Friday, October 08, 2004
Yellow ribbon

The story was based on an actual incident that occurred aboard a bus bounded for Miami. One of the passengers explained to the driver that he was just out of prison, having serverd three years for passing bad checks. In a letter to his wife, he had writted that she didnt have to wait for him, BUT, if she was interested, she could let him know by tying a yellow ribbon around the only oak tree in the city square. As the bus was nearing the man's hometown of white oak, Georgia, the driver was asked to slow down so that he could see if there was a ribbon. To the man's tearful relief, there was not only ONE yellow ribbon..The WHOLE tree was filled with yellow ribbon..
The driver phoned in to the wire servies and the story spread around town..Then 2 men came 2gether and the wrote the song "Tie A Yellow Ribbon"

I'm coming home I've done my time
And I have to know what is or isn't mine
If you received my letter
Telling you I'd soon be free
Then you'd know just what to do
If you still want me
If you still want me

Oh tie a yellow ribbon
'Round the old oak tree
It's been three long years
Do you still want me
If I don't see a yellow ribbon
'Round the old oak tree
I'll stay on the bus, forget about us
Put the blame on me
If I don't see a yellow ribbon
'Round the old oak tree

Bus driver please look for me
'Cause I couldn't bare to see what I might see
I'm really still in prison
And my love she holds the key
A simple yellow ribbon's all I need to set me free
I wrote and told her please

Oh tie a yellow ribbon
'Round the old oak tree
It's been three long years
Do you still want me
If I don't see a yellow ribbon
'Round the old oak treeI'll stay on the bus,
forget about us
Put the blame on me
If I don't see a yellow ribbon
'Round the old oak tree

Now the whole damn bus is cheering
And I can't believe I see
A hundred yellow ribbons
'Round the old, the old oak tree

Tie a ribbon 'round the old oak tree Tie a ribbon 'round the old oak tree
Tie a ribbon 'round the old oak tree Tie a ribbon 'round the old oak tree
Tie a ribbon 'round the old oak tree Tie a ribbon 'round the old oak tree
Tie a ribbon 'round the old oak treeTie a ribbon 'round the old oak tree

Russell Brown/Irwin LevineIrwin Levine Music/Larball Publishing Co. Inc. Plat.BMI

This is the original lyrics of the song..i duno if its the same as tension's....

8:02 PM

Sunday, October 03, 2004

nw iz 3.10am..v sian leh...2dae iz sun liao loe...i den mon iz the start of exam..i haven study amaths phy eng hist geog chem...sure die le loe..sure i m nt goin 2 do well 4 my exams dis time..i dun understand wad elam tokin bout 4 amaths leh...den eng noel koh is goin 2 b v v difficult..n the reason iz cos he set1 mah..den chem n phy iz elim vet 1 leh...sure gt standard 1 loe..my chem stil passable...bt my phy sure die loe...my previous test i gt 7 out of 24...F9!!!!even yk can win mi loe..wl...wad the heck man..plus my previous test gt 9 out of 24..oso F9!!!...wl..i hate phy...cwb teach so basic bt cum out so chim the qns..wl..die le lah..gona pray real hard dat i pass all my subs dis yr end loe...ESP eng..i dunwana retain or go N loe...bt den again..if i retain den i wun b alone lah..sure gt mani ppl pei mi 1 ..haha...haiz...noel koh so mysterious bout the paper...keep us in suspense nia..haha..den nxt yr he stil wan our class 2haf 80% distinction loe..siao..i sure 1 of the 20% 1..haa..

i wana pass my exams!!!!

3:10 AM

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