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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

come here blog le leh..finally lor
today we go disneyland leh
v fun leh..dats all..
we woke up earlier den usual leh..den we ate cake den go out le
took a long long ride there den we finally reached there
there were hordes of ppl there lor
super crowded lehh..
den we buy tix go in le..den we took a v cute the train to the other end of the park lor..its kinda small n the ride was v fast..less than 10min leh
den we alighted n walked n the 1st ting we did was take the dumbo ride thingy
kinda cute leh n it was scarier then i tot den we went to ride on cinderella's carousel leh
quite nice lah it looks real nice..even nicer den hj
den we went to mickey's philhar magic...v fun lehh..its those 3-d rides bt its diff
when the character kena water we also get spilled
den gt cakes n stuff oso gt sweet smell
n when aladdin is on his carpet gt wind 1 leh
so cool rite??yah
den we came out v happy den we walk round the souvenir shops
den we went to take the space ting lor
we tot it wasnt scary at all leh cos can bring bag 1
den in d end it was so diff
it jus kept goin faster n faster n faster
like panasonic jus diff
den we came out den we went to pplay buzz lightyears ting
oso fun leh can shoot targets 1
den we went to queue for the pooh's adventures tingy n we had a fast pass leh..so it was faster..haha
den we went for a round den we went to eat alr
the food there was super exp okay
hkd50 for curry chicken rice lehh
which is like S$10 which is like so ex can
so we ate n we came out n ran towards the parade tingy leh
so nice lor
we jus kept runnin until we reach the front of the pack
den we watched the whole parade n took many photos
den we jus kept taking fotos until we saw Goofy leh!!!!!!
den tigger,pooh,pluto mickey minnie donald duck lehh
we took foto wif all except mickey n minnie
n i took fotos of the nice old american streets lor
so so nice leh
den we bought souvenirs n we like many many items in there leh
den we went to the musical tingy n gt 1 super shuai de guy workin there though we only saw him once
den we watched the show
the highlights of the show was tarzan jumpin in front of us leh.
he kept runnin towards us n wif a leap he jumped onto the platform which is pretty high
den he hit his chest like tarzan n den jumped down
he got pecs ok though he nt shuai
he was rite in front of us
den we rushed n ran towars the firework performance at 7pm n we watched the fireworks..its sucha pity that we couldnt take a full video of the fireworks lor
it was impressive n magnificent leh
n it take place everyday at closin time leh!!!!!!
so cool den we ran n rushed again to the bus stop n rushed onto the bus n we sat for like 10min before the bus went off lor
den came back n den ate tang sui before goin home lor
goin back super soon leh
i will miss hongkong leh
not only cos of the seemingly endless no. of shuai ges there bt oso cos of the weather n stuff to play

p.s hk guys are v shuai leh..their not so shuai is our shuai n they are real trendy lehh..haha

11:44 PM

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

hee..class chalet is over n the nxt event is our HK TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha..i mus haf fun man cos im broke cos of the trip
class chalet was nt bad lah
though nt many ppl turned up
1st day was kinda bz cos we bought the food n the girls started the fire
den we sat around n did nth much
den ms lam came den mr choo came den mr koh came
den we wenta shower n the queue was like super long bt in d end is me n shioks last 2 lah
den we went back to chalet den we go c the ppl bowl den wantedto play pool bt we din get our ic
den i dun feel like playin le so i stayed n watched the exorcist 2..well..the mood was kinda scary cos we off the lights n jen looked like a ghost..plus the super cold aircon..haha..den nt even halfway thru the show i gt sian-ed
so ME(alone)stepped into shioks slippers n went to find them..though i werent dressed dat nice.haha
den even b4 i reach the pool hall i met them..n den i gt free ice cream..at like 1am..haha..but no.. i din get a stomachache..haha
den we went back in cos we din wana get locked outside the chalet..den we crapped n crapped outside our chalet..it was reall fun lor..ppl lag when they do not get enuff slp n the tings they say haf no link 1 lor..n some ppl even bcome autistic n play n tok to themselves..super funnie..dne at like 4 we set off the watch the sun rise..though usually the sun comes out at 6plus..haha
den we sit there let the wind blow..super duper cold
like v v v v v v v cold lor..haha
den we used derek's law n found out dat it was the right spot
so we went to sit on a breakwater
den it poured a lil so we took shelter den it stopped..haha
din get to c the sun rise
the sky jus became brighter n we din c the sun rise at all..we were so disappointed dat we felt full when we were eatin my fav big breakfast..haha
den we went back to slp..den i fa xian hj v pig..den 6 ppl slept on 2 single beds n i was slpin on the edge..i m glad i din fall man..woke up aft less den 2 hours cos it was kinda noisy
den they play cards while i sat in a corner n play wif myself
den we went to eat lunch n headed for the exorcism of emily rose
kinda funny cos we were in lan lan de shorts n we took a bus n then mrt leh..so damn brave right..the show quite nice leh bt i infront gt doze off a while
den we wenta eat dinner den we showered den we play super jin zhnag the heart attack..super funny cos it was extremely cramped so our area kp havin a pool of cards..haha..
den i went hm cos too cramp le lah..den nxt day go for pae briefin which i mus admit was kinda sian n i ended up 4dollars poorer leh..shit them

11:07 PM

Sunday, November 20, 2005

haha..tml is the chalet n there are lotsa tings unplanned
basically nth is planned EXCEPT for the food
so its kinda fan lor
cos duno tml bring wad wear wad bring hw many shirts/shorts
how to make it to pae briefing wifout brinin too much stuff
n wad to do for the 2 days of chalet
besides bbq..play cards for 2 hole day?watch tv for 2 hole days?go escape or www is a no-no cos i m broke cos of hk trip le..haha..watch movie mayb can bt sure gt ppl dunwan go..play lan haf more ppl dunwan go oso..den 1st nite dun slp do wad ?play cards?play mahjong?den nxt day will haf less stuff to do..n 1st nit ehow many ppl stay?how to dy/dx between ppl hu wan slp n hu dunwan..den if gt guys n gers wan slp den how?den vcd player dunhaf how?food nt enuff hiw?money nt enuff how?n the most important qn is if chalet super sian wif low turnout rate how?
i dun feel like gt ppl fan bout wad to do bsides me n jb
v fan lor..imagine 2 boring days n its not even like the hole class is a group of united ppl..

7:43 PM

Saturday, November 19, 2005

its over..haha
went to watch harry potter n the globet of fire..quite nice leh..hah
its all over
thinkin of makin our blog..hehe

12:24 AM

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

tml is amths so come here chill oso..haha
there 1,2,3 papers left leh
amaths hist chem
super sian
but its finally all goin to b over dne i m off to chalet den hk den msia
so shuang den aft dat jc le..haha
so busy

7:38 PM

Thursday, November 10, 2005

tml is maths so come here 'chill' for a while
did so much studyin in the last few days
though i doubt i rmbed much of it
1 wk left leh
cos dats like 6days of hell for mayb 1 n a half month of utter freedom
wads more i can get to burn my books away..
i m a geog n chem studnet
i wun do that
i 'll jus throw it away..

11:05 AM

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