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Friday, December 30, 2005

its only been like 4 days since i've updated bt it felt so so long again..
im preoccupied wif repaintin my hse nowadays..it reall dusty n dirty..haha..bt the decorations remain the same..
my mum bought a new sofa leh!!i love it cos its really comfortable
guess i wun mind sleepin on the couch after it arrives..
everybody's back from their trips..shioks will b back today!!
bt we haven got time to meet up at all..so sad..
sch's reopenin real soon bt i dun feel prepared..
strange rite
i've got my uniform ready,bag ready,pencil case,wallet,shoes,shorts ready
bt i feel unprepared.haha..strange huh??

10:40 AM

Monday, December 26, 2005

i m so so tired..
went to orchard wif jenny and huijuan today
hj n i met up 1st
took mrt to orchard and i went came out
woAHH..the platform stink ma..smells like many sweaty ppl trapped in an enclosed space
damn smelly and it was damn chaotic cos the ppl were like all packed at the escalator area den gt ppl come down fr escalator gt no space to stand so it was so so chaotic cos the pl bhind were askin the ppl in front to move..haha
den i met hj and we went to walk ard
bt we spent more time tokin then lookin at things..we walked rounds at the far east basement and then we went to eat kfc and toked till my fries becam cold..so sad
den we went to meet jenny lor
it was so so so so so so packed man and ppl were like shuffling their feets, not moving lor
den we FINALLy reached lucky plazz to see shoes den we went to heeren and we walked a lil n i brought a chain for my bag
den we went to cineleisure and we sat at bk and toked toked toked till 11
den we headed home
super funny at bk,i guess it was gettin late cos we were all getting high alr
we toked crap and then bout ghosts and when the mood gt eerie i saw a 'michael jackson' lookalike LADY
so i had a shocked look on my face n hj turned n sorta screamed a lil and many ppl at bk looked at the michael jackson laday
den we jus kept laughin
bt i swear she looks sorta scary..
den we toked bout jesus n christmas n religion
den we crapped n went home
n hj is super suay today
no. 1 she gt hit by water that dripped down and it was only he beginnin
no.2 this is real funny
we were walkin to lucky plaza n jenny called so hj picked up the phone n so i looked at her
n instead i saw an insect..it was thin n long lah bt far cuter den a fly..so i pointed n hj screamed n jenny heard it on the fone or.how loud was that..den she tried to hit the insect n she screamed again
so i guess quite a no. of ppl look at us..imagine lah..2 girls walkin in the middle of the road n one screams for like no reason..haha..den at bk we were like tokin bout how the insect could haf dropped into her shirt n she jus like stoned there n dun dare to move..super funny..den she felt sumtin n screamed a little cos she was getting paranoid..haha..yup yup..dats hpw suay she is..
no.3 we were drinkin at BK n suddenly she pushed the drink n the drink toppled n spilled away alomst everythin n she screamed again..hah..lotsa screamin today..
no.4 so we headed home n had to walk pass the somerset carpark n she got hit by wad appeared to b a small drop of bird shit bt she jus wiped it on her jeans..haha..clean huh
so den on the mrt she was sayin how she could actually encounter a ghost given how suay she was..bt till now she din say anytin so suppose she's fine huh..
4 suay incidents in ard 6hours?haha..nice..
but overall it was kinda fun esp when we got high at bk

1:06 AM

Thursday, December 22, 2005

santa claus is comin' to town
i mean in like 3days lah
we all haven met up for so so long
hopin can meet up on x'mas
so we'll be in time to see santa claus
i m getting fatter lor
details on jsh blog
i miss shioks and sher and jibin

4:09 PM

Friday, December 16, 2005

heyy..i m goin sajc science stream..for those goin sa too..its ur fortune leh!!!
for those nt goin sa..i'll miss u

10:49 AM

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

our group is strange
its really strange
its really very strange..
we are made up of 6 very different ppl
hj is smart but her mind is pretty straight,and she's sumwhat reliable..she's kpo and she enjoys diggin the secrets of others and she's nt very gentle and sumtimes stubborn
sher is gentle and sensitive and she dun always show her emotions..she's kinda reliable and she's not really stubborn
jenny is ghost and sumwad bossy to others lah..she's reliable but i duno if she's stubborn..haha
jb is quiet and gentle..she shows her emotions but she dun always tok bout them..she's not stubborn n most of the time gives in
shioks is sumtimes quite loner and stubborn in her own way..she's oso trustworthy but she's not gentle..
for me, ur should noe how i m like..haha
and so the 6 of us aretogether [[jsh]]
so how can 6 different people come together and be best frds?i duno..but we sumhow did it or made it look this way

aft lookin thru the dozens of fotos we've taken..and many many of them consists of the 6 of us only
dat makes us pretty close huh considerin the amount of time we've shared together
but i agree wif shioks
"i noe i haf great friends, but something is missing? not all are really that close~ maybe physically yes, but we share no secrets~ haiz~"

really..i find our bond pretty superficial..we are close as in the times we've shared but we dun really noe each other dat well..its like sher n hj share secrets and me n shioks tok to each other and somehow share secrets..but i duno wad secrets they have and they duno wad we toked bout either..everytime when the 'outing' consist of little people..thats when the secrets come out..but when there's the six of us togehter..there's always none..if we are really dat close then it shouldnt b the way it is wad..everytin shud come out only when we are all together rite??so i really wonder if its better dat we haf only 1 best friend..the 1 whom u can say it all and let her know everting..the 1 u can go out wif evrey single time and feel happy..for us..there's always no pair outing..except mayb the occasional shoppin or swimmin trip between hj and sher ..we never go to major stuff with only like 2 of us cos we'll be like there's so little ppl..dats the difference..and come to think of it..4yrs of schling for this kinda of best frds relationships makes me sumwad sad.but it also makes me feel nothing bout leaving zhonghua

our group is strange,it seriously is

1:15 AM

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

hey guys.. i m goin malaysiatml leh!!!!!!!for a day lah..dun miss me

10:58 PM

Saturday, December 10, 2005

My blog is worth $14,113.50.
How much is your blog worth?

12:20 AM

Thursday, December 08, 2005
hot fun at sentosa

spent a hot afternoon in sentosa yesterday..
so the five of us met up at harbourfront interchange and made our way to sentosa
dn we went to palawan beach..and there werent many people there
we sun tanned for a while and then the tide started comin in so we didnt go to the float thingy and instead made our very own sand pyramid...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

taadaa..our very own sand pyramid..though it aint really dat proportionate but i swear the real thing looks pretty nice..its even got a tunnel..

then the waves started coming in..so we used our knowledge and built a seawall..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

there..u see.there a seawall okay...geog's really useful when u wana protect ur structure from erosion..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the waves kept comin in and it was goin to wash our efforts away..so we decided to stick our our legs and let them act as groynes!!!!..haha

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
thats our really nice pyramid wif our name written on it..

then we got a lil bored as the sun wasnt shinin dat much so we decided to bury jenny!!!!
here comes the exciting part..we got approached by 2 of the hottest guys we've ever seen..
they are duno americans or australians or mayb even french
i duno but their english's pretty good
and well..we had some hot fun under the sun..
they helped us bury jenny a little before we all hit the waters..we played around and splashed each other..
we even played catch okay..they's got the nicest smile and nicest eyes and jack(1 of the guys) even has a dimple
theyir hair's real nice to touch okay..and they are spike-able
we played and had serious fun..they were dry and slowly got wet with their clothes on
den they got real wet and then david(the other guy) stripped off everythin and then after some time put on his shorts..and we got kinda shy cos he's afterall a guy..
then david followed suit and took of his shirt too..so we had pretty much of a free show
well..i mus say that caucasians are real daring and willin to strut their stuff man
then we played a while more and they were really charming and handsome and we bet they haf girlfriends alr..
we later learnt that they lived in SINGAPORE
omg..thats like 2 more shuai ges in singapore..jack gave us his address which was 16 lucky heights something..and they each have their own baby sister..
guess wad..we even took fotos wif them!!!!!!!!!!
well..enough of suspense..
here are the 2 hot guys..
jack and david!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
this is david..and he's FOUR
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
this is jack and he's THREE
arent they cute???

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
that's jack.. getting allwet in the water

haha..they dont even have to act cute..they are naturals okay...
david calls jack jake and jack calls david dave-ved
they are super funny okay
david said someting like you girls blah blah blah...haha..so cute
jack's better looking but david's better behaved

then we had enough fun and then we went to have burger king before rushin home to watch yuan lai jiu shi ni

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
thats ur..on our way home

oh ya..then aft we reached the interchange, we went separate ways ..jb and i took 93..
den we got on the bus and eeww..we saw many many many cockroaches on the bus..theres at least 20 okay..evnen the bus driver was getting rid of the cockroaches near his seat..they were everywhere man..so we decided to STAND..when there was only less than 10 ppl on the bus..ppl who board the bus did give us some strange look but no..we werent goin to tell them bout cockroaches..muhahahahaha..i hope they bring some home and let them produce more baby cockroaches..haha.then we stand until our legs super suan cos it was like 45min ride lor..super suan den i walked real fast cos i din wanna miss too much..haha..but it was real fun.........haha

5:40 PM

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

oh..sher mentioned me in her blog..awww..aint it sweet?haha
but i'll miss u..almost as much as u'll miss me..
ohkay..since i've gt nth better to do i'll update
we met at 11.30 today and we were all pretty happy
cos we haven seen each other in weeks(i mean sher n jenny lah)
and we wanted to hide but failed(damn man..)
den we wenta eat at the food court and toked..
den we wenta k box to check out the packages and we really really couldnt believe 6bucks for kstudent for like 5hours..
we stood at the door to decide hu had to take up kbox memebership
and we really took ages and couldnt decide
we took so so damn long that the manager or receptionist actually said it was okay if we had no membership
so we sang and sang and sang though we werent in our best form
den the bill came n we saw the tidbits cost 15bucks
3 small small bowls of kacang puteh tingy
like wth
den we walked slowly and went home.goin sentosa tml

i hope there's the sun n sand n sunshine guys.haha

1:11 AM

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

yeah..we're finally goin out tml leh.. i m so happy i m so glad

1:37 AM

Monday, December 05, 2005

haha..aint got much to say now that we have 2 blogs..went to have lunch with my pri school friends last sat..kinda funny n fun thouugh we eventually ended up with nth to do..stephanus' gone to america alr..n we din bid farewell.haha
many ppl's goin overseas to study nowadays..esp canthini and sherilyn
i've known canthini since primary 5 and that adds up to 6 long years which is equivalent to 2190 days leh..which is like a lot a lot alot of seconds spent together..we weren't exactly best friends in primary school but we are afterall friends n i've known her for so so so logn.. iwill definitely miss her when she's in america and i hope i'll be able to go on a hols aft 2yrs to visit her

as for sherilyn what more can i say..she's one of my bestest best friends alr
we gossiped we toked we laughed we crapped we got angry,irritated, sad all together so how could i possibly not miss her when she's gone..
we werent good friends in sec 1
but at the end of sec 2
we became better frds n things jus got better and better and yet now she has to leave..she's unique in her own ways and i'll really really miss her cos i doubt there's much possibility of her staying..
BUT at least she gets to go c all the australian hotties
those surfer guys..those model-like guys,those guys with blue eyes,brown eyes,grey eyes and theirs are natural eye colours
she gets to see things we dont have in singapore like shuai ge
oh lucky her

10:20 PM

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