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Monday, January 30, 2006

aint got much memory of wad happened in the past wk..
sa x country on last wed
pamelia came in 2nd..omg..how great is dat ..haha
aft the run our cg went to lunch at kfc n there was dis weird worker who was damn rude
den i rushed off to zhonghua
only managed to c ms lam mr tan mr koh n a chinese teacher who taught me in sec 1(i forgot her name)
din c elim..miss her so much..haha
den we went to play at the playground
kids nowadays are so lucky..got so tech de play ground
went home aft dat cos i had to ask my mum the super important qn
so i went home n cooled down
n asked my mum the super important qn at like 9pm
was kinda worried she would object cos most of the peeps alr got permission
but when i finally asked
she treated it lightly
so much for the preparation sia
on thur i woke up earli n took a 1 n a half hours ride to the airport
which means i ponned sch
rushed there n took fotos
all the gers cried b4 she went in
n sum guys 2
the sight of sum guys crying make me so sad man
den we cooled down fast n went for mac breakfast
den we played pool
its so not fun to play wif joshua
cos whoever pairs wif him wins
its as simple as dat
den we went to the airport to see shioks off
BUT we din cry
den we went home
haven type my parents letter yet
but if any teachers are rreadin dis
all i say is
i din mean it
n its real sad to hafa really close frd fly off
so pardon me for my absence..haha
went to sch on fri
the day whereby so many ppl ponned
din feel the need to pon
so i didnt
so guai ritE?
yup..dats totally me..haha
pe was super fun
super super super fun ok
super violent n fast paced
2 ppl sprained their ankle n sumbody got a scratch oso
haha..freakyy..sum ppl will get wad i mean..haha

10:49 PM

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

today lessons pretty slack..
had a 1 n a half hour break in between lessons
so our cg jus sat together n eat..den we started crappin bout wad to do tml n told jokes
den the highlight came
all of us surrendered our ezlink cards
n then we looked at them 1 by 1 n guessed whose it was
was laughing all the way man
den we went for phy n den chinese
bt the teacher din come so we went off
went to eat dou hua
den we eat fin le sit there slack n play murderer n tok crap oso lah
den we toked bout adam's apple n how u can make a person collapse by pressin on a particular spot
a bit dumb bt funny
dn we went home cos some ppl gt soccer training

9:55 PM

Saturday, January 21, 2006

haha..my updates are like weekly updates lor
mon..we went to sch and then took a cab to see sher off cos she was flying to aussie..so we went there to eat 1st and when we saw her.we received news that she was not goin to fly cos her visa nt approved..yipee..haha..can haf her wif us for sumore days..bt i guess it bad for her since she mentally prepared to leave alr..and she's missing out on her orientation..her next flight is on 26jan..i hope i can see her off
tue..we went to play bbal..since hj n her og did a very 'smart' ting which was to go all the way to toa payoh to haf their lunch and left me jb n my og guys in sch..so we played 1st ..the few of us..and then alvin fell n fractured his right arm..which is like so pain lor..he so strong dat he din even cry sia..bt jb n i got a big shock which we shook off by running 1 tiring round round the track..haha..
wed..we had the basic guitar course and there were so so so many ppl there lor..andw e learnt sum basic strumming and stuff..though we din get to joke wif the seniors since they had sectionals
thur..we intended to go kboxing wif sher bt she had to b home by dinner
so the 4 of us went to suntec kbox instead wif my sore throat lor..haha..we shouted songs nt sing..haha..and there was the 5 dollars per bowl de tidbits which we ate like super fast since it was so ex..super funny,we jus kept eating and eating..den reached home like 11 lidat..on a sch day..haha
fri..went to tp openhouse..waited for sam for so so so so long n yet he din go..den we took a long journey to tp and by that time sharon n i alr a bit sian 1/2..den we only went to sch of business and den we went to eat cos the openhouse end alr..ate the western there..its even cheaper den in saj lor..haha..only 2.60 for fish n chips..n its nt bad lor..n the drinks 80cents 1 big cup..haha
sat..went to sp openhouse wif jb hj sher..din do much..cos 1 particcular lecturer toked to us for so so so long and then we walked a little and then ate at sp oso..den i rushed to somerset to meet my og pp..12 of us went..watched memoirs of a geisha..nt bad lah..i liked it..bt 9.50 like nt v worth it..then i went to c them eat cos i had dinner waiting for me at home mah..den eunice iven lias n i went off while the rest go play pool..iven is a lousy umbrella holder..haha..crapped a little on the mrt..pretty funny..ate a really heavy dinner n now here i m bloggin..haha

poly life really nt bad sia..really flexible n seems fun n a lot less stressful..if i had a definite direction den i m SURE i will go poly..i m bored aft like 2wks of lessons lor..haha..fast hor?i find it boring sia...tot sa was a very fun sch ..though i did play pretty hard aft sch bt den the lessons itself are pretty boring leh..haha..they jus kp tokin n wejus kp stoning..haha..and for the 1sst time..i haf a really bad feeling bout my olevels..like i wun even get 12 points lor..even though its nt like i'll b satisfied wif 12..bt i m worried bout wad if i wun even get 12..

9:24 PM

Saturday, January 14, 2006

been so long since i've updated
the lectues have started and its really cold in the cc and lts and its a lil boring cos the lessons haven really started yet..mainly introduction only
but then i stil had time to PLAY!!!!!
went to play pool and haf dinner wif ogmates on mon
went to play pool and haf lunch wif jsh on tue
went to haf lunch wif og mates on wed
went to play pool wif jb n hj on thur
went to play pool and eat dinner wif jsh
i guess u can see how much pool ihad and the amount of time i spent playing and eating rite??
i m really broke cos i eat 2 meals per day in school and dats like5 bucks cos i drink oso
and so its 25bucks per week
plus fotocopying and buyin of the t shirts and stuff man
i m so so broke
oh ya
i signed up for canoeing but i din even go for the 1st training
i went for netball
but din even go for the try out
AND i joined the guitar ensemble which i totally dont regret yet
cos the seniors seem funny AND nice enough sia
wayne is really really funny
shall elaborate on wad happened on fri
fri was friday the 13th
the suay friday
the day went on as usual n then we waited for netball trial and got reall bored
so we watched the guys play bball
den alicia told me the guy who was suppose to b 2timing
so hj jb n i got excited and chased aft dat person
den we sat there n spied a little
funny sia
den we went for netball
den we felt we stood no chance cos more den half of the ppl who went were fr netball sch team
n then hj started to get suay
she got hit right on the face by a high velocity netball..and it flew so fast man..guess it really hurts sia
so we went off and headed for guitar ensemble
den jb accidentally sprained her ankle a little
the senior v good
help her take ice and throw ice
den we paid 2 bucks for the orientation b4 headin out of the ava theater
at the door, a senior was askin if we wanted tidbits
so the 3 of us took 1 each and then started eatin and offerin it to other ppl
den i tink only 3 of us plus ruth were eating madly
so funny
we jus kept eating n eatin n eatin
den we were offered drinks
and den we drank sumore
and we ate sumore
den they played 'feed the dogs' wif coco crunch..haha
we ate like mad man and we jus crapped so so much while wtg for shioks' band to end
we oso played scissors paper stone mi hj jb n yixiang
den we went to eat and then play pool
den we all play until v sian and got no mood.so we all played lousily
den we went home aft dat..which was 11 lidat le
sher's goin off on mon..which is less then 48hours lidat..so so so fast sia..

7:14 PM

Saturday, January 07, 2006

haha..orientation is over alr
was sucha hectic four days man
og 18 pretty quiet sia
the guys mix among themselves den the girls oso mix among themselves
bt the disco nite was super high man..din noe so many guys in our og so party animal 1
bt super fun lah
aft dat we went for dinner oso funny
cos faris is really humorous man
1st day was the most most most borin 1 cos we din noe each other much
other den dat all nt bad..
shant say much
need to update my diary oso..haha

3:17 PM

Sunday, January 01, 2006

jus finished showerin aft comin' home from the slpover
we went shers hse dne we started to eat steamboat..her hse really neat lor,even plates used to put the food look so 'organized'
den aft dat we drank vodka..40%alcohol 1..1st time drink so much 1
den we mix wif 7 up n drank alittle wifout mixing..nt nice 1..haha..heavy medicine smell
should b cos of peach den gt the smell
den drink le den i bcame v red leh..haha..bt i din feel drunk..bt my face v hot..
den we sit n crap n slowly sher the face oso bcome quite red PLUS her eyes..seems painful to me
den hj became more n more pale while all of us became redder..strange
dnn suddenly i looked at jb den i gt a shock cos she gt the drunk look on her face even though her face nt as red as mine
bt her eyes look v drunk..the kind like wanna close alr..den she say she saw splittin images of us at instances
den like v interestin lor
den sher sis come n say face red is blood circulation good.so my blood circulation good leh!!haha
i din feel any changes jus hotter..haha
den we sit n crap and then we wen tdown to the nearby countdown tingy organized by the rc
den we countdown den go home le cos no mood 1..super funny..rite aft the count down the 1st song they play is Auld Lang syn
den we went home n showered n then we tried to watch vcd bt hj wanted to play make up
den we watch till v sian oso so we go c her put make up lo
den shioks started to doze off at 2plus den we kp askin her dunwan..haha
den jen oso play make up den sher oso a little dne we jus sit there watch..haha
den we toked den we ate jen's bdae cake..super nice..chocolatey
we ate at like 3plus lidat
how pig was dat
we finished the hole cake lor..haha..
den aft dat we 'toked'..haha..to satisfy hj's needs
den aft dat soon it was like 5plus lidat
den jen fell aslp le
n we couldnt wake her up lor..deep sleeper
den we all play ard in the rm
jb n shioks lie there quietly
den sher play songs
den me n hj surround shioks n sang to her cos we were afraid she'll sleep
we sang songs like we believe n just the girl..haha
even ai mei
all jus to kp her awake..haha
gt dolby surround leh..cos hj sing in2 1 ear i sing in2 another
den she find us irritaatin
den soon quiet down le den din do much
so i went out to watch tv at 7pluss
den i sat alone on the sofa den bcame v sian n i fell aslp ard 8 lidat bah
den jb n shioks came out
n shioks fell slp too
den jb told me they all aslp in the rm alr
den we woke up at 10 plus lidat
me den shioks den jb
den jenny n sher

n finally the pig hj
she din wana wake up lor
we all brush our teeth alr so we ask jen act ghost bt oso no use..haha
den aft dat we watched tv n eat den we went home le lor..haha. stil feelin v energetic
at least v stayed up to dawn lah..n we slept v little..haha

2:40 PM

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