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Saturday, August 26, 2006

woo..its been a wk lidat le..so fast!next week is the last week of sch..i mso lookin forward to it even though there's nt much diff..didnt really feel in sch dis wk..was late on mon..skipped double chem n gp n recess..went to sch on time on tue cos gt phy lecture test..super tough paper for me since i nv study..lol..dn din go to sch on wed cos my leg pain dn i wenta eat wif my sis n mum n we went to get my new hp..sony ericsson k800i..he's sucha man lah..i tell u..haha..3.2 mega pixel n i gt a 1 gb memory stick along wif it..so cool n man..jus nice for me..dn went to sch at 11plus on thur n i heardmryeo was pretty pissed since 5 of us never turn up for his ct period..bt then i gt an mc..lol..dn friday wenta sch earlydn left at 1020..lol..wenta watch the beat dat my heart skipped at the cathay wif shioks..lol..its screened in the picturehse..u can imagine hw artsy the show was..there were only 3 ppl in the cinema..shioks me n another lady who could b french or sumtin..lol.the show was pretty nice in a way..even though its artsy..guess i'm slowly learnin hw to appreciate art huh..lol.dn went back to zh wif shioks n her 'charmin' frd jaime..lol..dn we slacked pretty long n yet we din c any teachers we wan to..so next wk we're goin back..i mus see kelvin n gavin..i dun care..lol..oh ya..i m so glad i gt 1 wk off pe..cos we have aces day! n we gotta do the primary sch tingy..u noe?the clap clap flush the toilet crap?i tot its all so primary sch considerin the fact that we do cooler stuff like kickboxing back in zh..

8:48 PM

Sunday, August 20, 2006

wah..help sia..jus screwed up my econs test ytd..was almost late for the test dn i realised i forgot my foolscap..n it was freezing in the audi..after dat wenta eat lunch wif my parents dn i went to meet jb to study for a while dn i went to eat dinner wif my parents..dn i slacked n its sunday..wenta study wif jb at bishan mac dn went to ntuc dn reach hm dn slack sumore..dats hw i spent my wkend sia..eating n relaxing..haha..n the results of all my studyin is only 2 completed chem tutorials..lol..wif lotsa blanks in it..n i realised everybody(jsh) mentioned sumahdi on their blog..so i reckon it would be nice of me to do so..sumting like a 'tribute' to him.yups..sumahdi yap, one of my bestest frd in sec 2 lower sec..i rmb hw we played bball watched movies go beach together sia.,.those were the days, it was so so relaxing and we really had nth much to do.yups..dats all..haha..i wonder what he's doin nw sia..hopefully the next time he come back he will look really angmoh n mayb taller?lol..tml gt sch again.sians..gt napfa..sians.gt maths remedial bt mayb i nt goin..depends on my mood i guess.its nt compulsory anyway..

9:41 PM

Friday, August 18, 2006

went to sch late today..went to school for maths..dn stayed in school to print some econs stuff for tml's be insights and shun bian do gp project..printed several articles and i tot it would help..went off at 1250 and headed to the airport..i reached super early..ard 130..even before sumahdi reached the place lah..so i went to the viewing mall to write a letter to him..got a little sad when writin the letter cos he wa sleaving..dn i met up wif sumahdi n shioks n his mum..lol..dn his cousin came..dn jsh came n his friends came..lol..bought a last min present for him..its 80plus bucks lah..super ex..almost couldnt make it..haha..dn gave it to him n when he went in..we din really feel sad which is kinda strange cos its so diff from when sherilyn left..after dat we wenta eat sakae sushi buffet..which we haf been tokin bout since sec 2..n a real funny ting happened..jenny kept pressing the screeen cos she tot its the touchscreen dn it turned out the mouse was hidden..damn paiseh lah..vj uniform sumore..haha..dn we jus kept eating n eating..i tink they quite suay to haf the 4 of us there eating..we(4 gers) ate 56plates in total excluding the ice creams n the countless cups of tea we drank..lol..dn we wenta meet mslam at bugis to pass her sumtin dn we wenta drink sweet talk..we really can eat alot alot sia..scary..lol..dn after dat i wenta jb's hse to print econs tings again..den i realised i printed from the wrong pages.killled so many trees and wasted so much ink n paper..jb sumhow made my day today..yups..she gave me coffee, ink and paper..i noe she's nt really dat happy herself bt she still rendered help..so nice of her!!..haha..yups..i m so glad i haf friends ard when i need them..thanks JIBIN!!!n ur thank you kiss (muacks!!) ..left her house at 9plus and decided to run home..i ran and ran untill i was tired and when i was runnin i jus kept tellin myself i gotta motivate myself n depend on myself..nobody can be there for me 24/7..its all up 2 me..n i jus kept runnin n running dn i walked and dn i ran sumore dn i walked dn i climbed the stairs hm..haha..sweat like mad..i hate runnin in uniform.bt i do feel slightly happier cos super long nv exercise le..haha..yups..later gotta start studyin for econs test which is tml..hah. i m so dead..wait for my 'good' news ok?

10:07 PM

Thursday, August 17, 2006

after lookin at jb's blog i decided to blog.. i tink life is really really bad for me nw too..studies wise its bad enuff..i had tis chem test dat i only knew 1 mark out of 20..i had tis hphysics test dat i m sure i would fail..i had tis maths test ytd n i couldnt do 1 out of the 4 qns..which is a guarenteed 0..managed to scrape a pass for my gp compre..i m nt top lah.. i m like the last of the 4 ppl who passed..after addin up the marks for the econs project.. i m 2nd inclass for econs..nt top le..sians..life is bad..i go to sch late..really late..sch starts at 725 n i can b there at like 10plus or 9plus..i no longer go to sch on time..i pon sch for no reason.i see no motivation n no purpose in goin to sch..i m seriously laggin in my studies n i jus nd to haf alot of time on my own to jus catch up wif it..besides dat, i feel lonely in tis sch..i dont feel like there any1 i can depend on at all times..i feel so bored in school..yups..

11:12 PM

Monday, August 14, 2006

wheee...i m back to blog...its been so long since i've updated and i never even noticed.guess i m jus 2 caught doin god noes wad bah..last wk was bad..really couldnt get my mood up to do anything and jus kep feeling under the weather sia..went out wif sumhadi bryan dustin yk des hj shioks jb on sun..its been so so long since' i've gone out wif my lower/partly upper sec friends..sumahdi's flyin off to america tis friday to study PERMANENTLY..which is pretty sad cos we used to b gd friends..way back in sec 2.back then all we did was watch movies,play bball and jus sit there after bball/soccer at the serangoon area and jus tok..tok bout all the dumb stuff and sumtimes sad stuff n happy stuff..yups..and we've got no time to do sumahdi's present!!we seriously need the 25th hour and the 26th hour in a day if possible..lol..was supposed to watch click again wif dbers bt then i had PW!!stupid pw..lame pw..haha..watched click last friday and to me its super nice!! its funny but sad at the same time i guess..we mus really treasure people ard us and work can never ever be more important than family bah..unless of cos they are chasing the cornflakes at the end of the rainbow..yups.. n i watched lake hse which to me was pretty nice.yup, it doesnt really make sense bt so?i dont tink love ever makes sense anyway..

8:48 PM

Friday, August 04, 2006

woo..my bdae over le..had a enjoyable bdae..thanks to all those who wished me happy birthday; jibin huijuan shioks jenny elias hongting konrad hongting haoran siva jiehui cathy kaiwen jieling valerie jessie siyuan..lol..practically the whole class and oso the db ppl..siew yi serchee hongrui yuan hui..lols and yups i love my birthday present..haha..a bag from hj jenny jb..a cushion from shioks..wallet from konrad hongting haoran jessie..bear fr jessie..ONE BOX of ferrero rocher from serchee, hawaiian host from my bestie and not forgetting..the loads of chocolate..ferrero rocher, skittles, M& M and HAWAIIAN HOST!!haha..yups..tis is the most amount of chocolate i've received for my bdae..well..chocolate is good when u are depressed..dats wad i heard..so nw i very high..haha..yups..
celebrated my bdae wif jsh and we had tis ultra chocolatey cake from NYDC!! on sun n celebrated wif my family on sun..dn wed i go sch dn the class gave me a 'surprise' celebration and we had a super nice cake..dn at nite hj n jb come my hse ..dn hor..ya..dn err at the end of the day very happy lor..cos SOME people are VERY VERY nice..yups..i m happy..i m satisfied..i've gt frds i love, i 've gt a family i love and oso a cca i love.. wad more can a ger ask for ?lols
n recently i haf an addiction for m&ms..lol..i wil marry anyone hu gives me 1 bottle full of blue m &m or orange m&m..haha..yups..gonna b real bz..tml will b maths remedial n farewell nite!! dn sun wil b pw n saj band concert..lol..next wk so many breaks..song sia..lol
and did i tell u i got a letter from sherilyn..super happy lah..on the day after my bdae..i was um chio-ing while readin her letter leh..lol..i miss her and her type written handwriting.hee..

10:14 PM

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